Blind Cords – Accident

A Service Partner employee recently broke their pelvis as a result of her lower leg and foot becoming entangled / caught up in the cord of a window blind, whilst they were cleaning the sill and frame of a window. The entanglement caused the individual to fall.

The subsequent investigation into the accident, revealed that when the “Venetian window blinds” were fully opened to the head of the window, the cords extended beyond the window sills and trailed on the floor.

Key learning points

If you have blinds fitted in your premises, the blind cord, should either be:

  • short enough so that it does not trail when the blind is fully opened or closed, but long enough so that it is still reachable and allow the blinds to be operated / adjusted whilst standing on the floor

Despite taking the above action, should the blind cord still trail then, a

  • tie hook should be fitted to the window frame to enable any surplus cord to be tied off

alternatively, the blind cord could be placed on the window sill but this is the least preferred option

ARE YOU A PARENT…with a baby or small child? Do you have internal blinds installed in your home? If so, read “Make it safe! Reduce the risk from looped blind cords and chains” which is produced by the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA).

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