Businesses wasting £millions in unnecessary electrical safety checks

Figures released  by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) show that businesses are wasting millions of pounds each year by over-maintaining electrical appliances with unnecessary annual tests. By adopting a common sense approach, the IET estimates that businesses could save over £30 million annually and £120 million over the next four years.

 The research highlights the

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Escalator Incident – Accident

A young child got their arm trapped in the returning handrail of an escalator. The child was trapped for a period of time until the emergency services managed to cut free the arm from the handrail and steel casing. The parent was seeking advice from the helpdesk when the child had moved away from the parent. Within this short time

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Stanley Knife Incident – Accident

A window fitter was trimming off a piece of plastic edging strip with his Stanley knife. He was holding the plastic strip in his hand and supporting it between his knees. The knife blade had just been changed as the previous one was blunt. As he cut downwards the new blade sliced through the plastic and his thumb, cutting the

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Blind Cords – Accident

A Service Partner employee recently broke their pelvis as a result of her lower leg and foot becoming entangled / caught up in the cord of a window blind, whilst they were cleaning the sill and frame of a window. The entanglement caused the individual to fall.

The subsequent investigation into the accident, revealed that when the “Venetian window blinds”

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Staircase Falls – Accident

In recent weeks there have been a number of accidents where people have fallen whilst ascending or descending stairs. If the individuals had been holding the handrail then the accidents would have been avoided and no injuries suffered.

HANDRAILS are situated on staircases for a reason to provide support to individuals as they ascend or descend stairs.

Key learning points

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Recent Finger and Wrist Bone Fractures – Accident

Three individuals fractured a finger whilst competing the following activities or actions;

• Pushing a door open

• Trapping a finger between the door and frame of a sliding wardrobe

• Trapping a finger between the rungs of a ladder when it was being moved

Four individuals broke a bone in their wrist, as a result of the following;

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Floor-Boxes – Accident

A Client employee was injured when they stood on a floor-box, whilst they were pushing their chair past a colleague’s desk. The floor-box collapsed, causing the individual to fall to the floor, which resulted in hospital treatment for a badly bruised wrist.

The Client’s accident investigation confirmed the cause of the accident to be a poorly sited floor-box. The

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Failure of Baler Bramidan Baler Door Welds – Near Miss

While working on a site an operator had loaded and started the compression cycle on a Bramidan Baler. As he walked away the door burst off its hinges narrowly missing him.

Key learning points

It was concluded the accident was caused by an unexpected material failure. The consequences would have been more severe had the operative not moved away from

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Agenda for 11th July Meeting – 2012

The next FMA Health & Safety Group meeting has been set for 10:00am – 2:00pm Wednesday 11th July 2012 (Lunch Included).  Venue  will be confirmed shortly.   If you would like to attend please contact Paul Richards –

Agenda Item                

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Call For 2011-12 Health & Safety Benchmark Information

The FMA Health & Safety Working Group is now seeking submission of the latest health and safety accident data for the annual benchmarking tool.   This tool is the result of a survey of FMA members, many of whom are large world-class facilities management companies, and reports the findings accident rates per hours worked.   The data is collated and

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Businesses wasting £millions in unnecessary electrical safety checks

November 15th, 2012

Figures released  by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) show that businesses are w[...]