Agenda for 11th July Meeting – 2012

The next FMA Health & Safety Group meeting has been set for 10:00am – 2:00pm Wednesday 11th July 2012 (Lunch Included).  Venue  will be confirmed shortly.   If you would like to attend please contact Paul Richards –

Agenda Item                                                                                            Person


1.         Introductions / apologies                                                                    PR

2.         Previous Minutes/Actions                                                                  PR

3.         Stats Data Collection                                                                          IP / GC

4.         Working Party Membership                                                              PR/ IP

5.         Awards Scheme                                                                                  ALL

6.         Consultation Papers review                                                                ALL


1.         Hot Topics                                                                                            All

Each participating member to present / discuss current and emerging trends within their organisation / contract / client


1.         Presentations

a.         Slips & Trips – Russell Bone (Mitie)

b.         Accident Reporting – Chris Box (OCS)


Any Other Business

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